karllouisMay, 24. 2017

 Well done, very well!

karllouisMay, 24. 2017

 is there a way to embed this video @e ?

karllouisMay, 24. 2017

 btw i can't read anymore what's on the very right of comments because of the time info

karllouisMay, 24. 2017

 @E Help!

EMay, 24. 2017

 @karllouis not at the moment. But let me work on it. We were thinking to add this video to our website.

vjlvaMay, 25. 2017

 here is the revolution. I can wait to see The 8 App grow up in a few years 😋

suzanneheintzMay, 25. 2017

 @suefennessy @sonjanuttall Really nice spot!

CoquiUnlimitedMay, 26. 2017

 Well done! Can't believe I missed this video. Will be sharing.

vjlvaMay, 28. 2017

 @johncortez anytime soon, I hope so. I want to be part of this.